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Intex Technologies is one of the leading suppliers of LaserJet cartridges in the UAE and Other Region. We offer high-class premium quality laserJet Toner Cartridge products for all kinds of printers. We source our products from the highest strict quality standared's followed manufacturer, so you can rest assured that all the toner cartridges you purchase from us are up to international standards. We can help you choose the right choice of an laserJet Toner cartridge for your printer, to ensure that your machine keeps printing smoothly and clearly at all times. Additionally we have a support channel with highly experienced professional technicians you can contact if you have any problem with our products. We believe in achieving absolute customer satisfaction in every transaction, and our goal is to provide maximum value to our clients Also we offer free annual maintenance contract for our corporate clients.






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We offer fast and efficient printer repair services including the following:

Printer repair services in UAE.

Printer Repair Emergency call outs.Printer Warranty repairs.(Conditions Apply)

Printer Maintenance contracts are also on offer. (Conditions Apply)

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Intex has Started Printer Repair Services in UAE: 100% Guarantee of Quality Solutions

A printer is also one of the examples which have provided us freedom from doing paperwork manually. By just a few clicks, we can have a document printed in seconds. But it is equally essential to maintain the equipment so that you can have optimum output. INTEX offers you quality repair services at affordable excellent price.

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We Offer Free Printer Service and Free 3D PRINTER

Sing a Contract with us for Toner Cartridges Supply To avail Free Printer Service and Free 3D Printer.